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Posted: December 2021

Deliver fee paying and sponsored initiatives that improve, strengthen and enhance the Healthtech Industry aligned with our data, and industry engagement.

Industry events & training

A full overview of all BioMelbourne Network events is available in our 2020/21 Annual Report, pages 20-22.

Going forward we plan to offer many hybrid events. In person events will be available to online participants to ensure broad access and inclusion to these valuable assets.  We will also record most events.

Have an idea for an event or a “hot” issue for the ecosystem? Want to get involved in an event or provide sponsorship? Visit page 17 of our digital Annual Report to explore how we build our program, where our ideas and inspiration comes from and how you or your organisation can be involved.

Grow breadth & depth of the Network


BioMelbourne Network has grown its membership 5% over the past year which highlights the value we bring to the ecosystem.   Through our new strategy and increasing value proposition, we intend to continue to grow the network.

We seek to continue to broaden our reach through:

  • Closer coordination with the Industry Capability Network, Regional Development Australia (within Victoria) and Regional Development Victoria, Southeast Melbourne Manufacturing Association, as well as other state-wide industry and member associations
  • Through more direct outreach and support to the research community
  • Outreach and support to the growing Victorian Healthtech Industry start-up ecosystem database developed on behalf of LaunchVic
  • Through a targeted Membership drive which to ensure we are representing the full depth and breadth of the Victorian Healthtech Industry.

Strengthen BioMelbourne Network IT infrastructure

Implementation of new Virtual Networking Platform

We have received an initial tranche of funding for implementation of a Virtual Networking Platform. With the final “seed” funding expected in the coming quarter, we will be able to fully implement this new initiative. This is a whole new opportunity that will enable the Healthtech Industry to engage in networking, connection and partnership collaborations in entirely new ways. Members will be able to establish and administer their own sub-groups around subjects that interest them which will likely attract non-members to join. The platform will enable users to be kept informed and up-to-date on issues, ideas, funding options, new programs, advances in best practice and possible collaborations. There will be advertising opportunities within the platform for target audiences and the platform will be accessible to users any where in the world.

Online Events Library

Since the start of the pandemic we have been recording our online events. Going forward we plan to continue with online participation capability for all future events, even for those held in person. This comes a growing bank of valuable online training and information assets that remain relevant long after the initial event is held. The digital library of these assets will allow ongoing access to past sessions and events that can be used as a professional development tool and resource.

Identify & fill training gaps


Over the past months we’ve seen the launch of MedTechVic. An initiative of Swinburne University of Technology in partnership with BioMelbourne Network, Scope and Solve-TAD Limited. Together, we are working on the design, digitalisation and manufacture of customisable medical and assistive devices, ensuring these new medical and enabling technologies are shaped by the people who need them. BioMelbourne Network is focused on delivery of 15 workshops in collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Hub. Workshops assist manufacturing organisations from across Victoria assess and determine their readiness to make the continuous improvement journey.

We will be leading a series of MedTechVic futuremap workshops between now and next May, with the first scheduled in December. We already have over 20 organisations signed up.  More information is available in the MedTechVic futuremap workshop flyer.

If you are a Healthtech SME (or in lab processing and testing, traditional device manufacturers, pharma, biopharma or suppliers into these industries) then digitisation is becoming a necessity. Business model innovation and leadership, enabled by digital technologies can change the way companies create and capture value while developing a mindset of continuous improvement. These MedTechVic futuremap workshops will help you understand where your organisation is placed in regard to continuous improvement and industry 4.0. You can register for an event through our website.

Following on from our Futuremap workshops, we want to help establish a community of practice for the Healthtech Industry around continuous improvement and Industry 4.0 implementation within our sector. 

Click to view flyer


In September 2021 we collaborated with the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) to support recruitment of organisations from the Victorian Healthtech Industry into a national pilot program for their new Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit.

Research from McKinsey & Company shows that employing a diverse workforce has many business advantages, including higher profitability, greater creativity and stronger governance. ATSE is developing a Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for small to medium enterprises in the STEM Sector. BioMelbourne Network assisted by taking EOIs which lead to 11 organisations volunteering to participate in the pilot program.

Once the pilot program concludes, it will be reviewed and launched. To find out more you can contact ATSE directly via

Develop and leverage collaborative industry association relationships

BioMelbourne Network is actively strengthening relationships with other State and National membership bodies, industry associations and others to ensure that we maximise the impact of the work we do. We are not aiming to act as a national association, we are and will continue to remain a Healthtech Industry association representing Victoria.

We are often asked about how we are positioned in the ecosystem against the other state and national bodies. Our response is that we are ideally suited to represent the broad Healthtech Industry across the state from research and innovation through translation and full commercialisation. It is critical that we work with other state and national associations, to see them as partners in building a collaborative environment. Other associations that represent specific elements of the ecosystem such as research or medicine development, typically do so because they meet a need in that area. Organisations like AusBiotech are critical partners as they hold a national position and can set direction and perform work that no individual state based or more niche association can conduct. We collaborate and partner with organisations like these and believe doing so helps everyone achieve their goals.

State-Based Industry Associations (WA, QLD, SA, NSW)

Why collaborate and connect with State associations?

  • We often face similar issues to those in other states.
  • Through our collaboration with those bodies, we can share best practices and approaches where it makes sense to do so.
  • Our online events program, has enabled them to access to events hosted by BioMelbourne Network, better raising awareness of our ecosystem.
  • We can coordinate and collaborate with them and National bodies on advocacy issues. The patent box regime was a great example of this in practice. Allowing us to amplify and unify our messaging on critical issues, therefore having a bigger impact.

National Industry Bodies and Membership Associations

BioMelbourne Network continues to reach out to connect with and collaborate with other Healthtech Industry National Industry Associations, peak bodies and membership associations. We see that the benefits of working together are significant. They are not dissimilar to the state-based reasons, but we gain additional clarity around specific areas of interest from a national perspective that we wouldn’t access elsewhere and vice versa.

We can, as the Victorian peak body for the Healthtech Industry, collaborate on national priorities and initiatives by providing the Victorian perspective.

Where we may lead the discussion around issues that impact Victoria, but also have impact Nationally, we can leverage our connections to raise any issues through those bodies best suited to a federal advocacy position.


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