Health & Wellbeing Marketing Communications in the time of Coronavirus & beyond Virtual Seminar

Date posted: 21 May 2020

Event date: 4 June 2020

Via Consumer Healthcare Products Australia

Echoes of the GFC to the nth degree abound as we traverse the daily evolution of Covid-19. With a glimmer of the lifting of lockdown in our sights within the next couple of weeks, the escalation of the economic (and emotional) impact will surely eclipse the tragedy of the mounting global deaths.

Health & Wellbeing and Pharmaceutical products and services are in demand overdrive meaning most of the industry has survived if not thrived. But, with the challenges of social isolation coupled with the pressures of significant job losses and an economy under immense pressure, we are seeing a fair shift in audience behaviours never seen at such a rapid pace, at such scale.

The question is, how do we as brands ensure we are sensitive to current audience sentiments and tap into those behavioural changes, bought on by –anxiety and frustration – with not only the physical challenges but also the sudden social changes at the heart of self-distancing, coupled with the impending economic recession resulting in significant job losses?

How do brands traverse this new ‘twilight’ phase, through the next few phases as we emerge out the tunnel and into the ‘new normal’ with relevance and connection with various stakeholders? What are the tools we should engage? What evolved approaches could we be considering for our business success? Where do opportunities lie?

  • Understanding the three phases of this pandemic crisis
  • Audience trends influencing business needs
  • Creating Value in Communications in this time
  • Marketing & Communications Tactics to keep in view
  • The Digital Imperative in this new world
  • Summary

Speaker: Gillian Fish, Founder, 6am Agency

Gillian is acknowledged as one of Australia’s foremost experts in integrated Wellbeing & Good Living communications, having worked with some of the world’s leading brands in evidence-based wellbeing including Complementary Therapies, OTC, Practitioner Brands, Raw Material Suppliers, Fitness, Nutrition, FMCG and Beauty across earned, owned and paid.

Gillian is a regular speaker at local and international conferences, having spoken at Vitafoods Asia, Naturally Good, APAN and more.
With a deep passion for Wellbeing & Good Living communications, Gillian founded The 6AM Agency in 2002 (formerly Brand New Solutions) which today services local and international clients delivering fully integrated creative communications utilising data-driven insights for creativity, PR and Social in an audience-first, mobile-driven world.

4th Jun 2020
9:00AM – 10:00AM –
Venue: Online Zoom
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