Health Economics for Non-Economists

Posted: 2 March 2023

Event: 27 March 2023

Workshop overview

Health economics plays an ever growing and important role in reimbursement decisions in Australia and internationally. The workshop is designed for professionals working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare technology industries who have not yet been involved in the reimbursement process.

Participants will gain an understanding of economic concepts and a practical insight into preparing a health economic evaluation. For those in the reimbursement industry, this practical insight will be transferrable to their own projects. For those willing to learn more about the reimbursement industry this workshop will provide the participant with an understanding of the challenges faced by their health economics colleagues and they will be better equipped to provide input into reimbursement applications.


  • Theoretical concepts behind economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals and health technologies such as resource scarcity, opportunity cost, efficiency, resource allocation.
  • A review of the PBAC and MSAC guidelines and processes as examples of how health economics is used by decision makers in Australia. The types of economic evaluations used, how the guidelines are used and how they relate to the underlying economic concepts
  • A case study to outline what is involved in the practical preparation and review of an economic evaluation submitted to the PBAC. The case study includes some simple economic modelling and some introductory biostatistics and epidemiology
  • Comparison of Australia with other major economies, which use economic evaluation in reimbursement decision making

Who should attend

The workshop is intended to be a practical session, targeting personnel in health economics and regulatory departments involved in submissions to the PBAC or those wanting to understand particular inputs in a submission. The workshop will be of interest to managers of other departments such as marketing and clinical research who will benefit from understanding particular inputs and requirements for applications to the PBAC. The overall intention of the workshop is to enable attendees to gain an understanding of the process flow for an application to the PBAC, key inputs required in the application, particular requirements in the translation of clinical evidence into cost-effective outcomes. The session will include hypothetical and real-world examples, providing familiarity with current submission guidelines. The workshop is intended to be an introductory workshop for those new to this area of the pharmaceutical and/or medical device industries, or wanting to become involved in submissions to the PBAC.

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