Developing Diagnostics: A different approach compared to drugs and devices

Date posted 3 September 2020

Event date 22 September 2020


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been an increased interest in diagnostics and the importance of encouraging early stage discoveries
• Taking early stage discoveries and turning them into companies can be difficult as the regulatory pathway is lengthy and high risk, and the ultimate pay-off tends to be lower than for therapeutics.
• Intellectual Property (IP) can be complicated in the case of detecting biomarkers, especially in the US. For AI image interpretation for diagnosis, the space is crowded and freedom to operate can be difficult to establish.
• In Australia, almost all diagnostic testing is paid for via reimbursement. This means the patient doesn’t always see the value of testing, and so non-reimbursed point of care testing requires a different business model.

This MTPConnect seminar will give attendees a better understanding of the complexities of diagnostics from an IP perspective, an appreciation of the importance of the commercial realities of building a diagnostics company, and real-world insights from a company founder.

You will hear from a panel of experts from an Australian diagnostics start-up, a venture capital firm, and registered attorney firm that specialises in patent matters

• Dr Jack Richards, the Co-founder and Director of Zip Diagnostics
• Dr Sarah Hennebry, Senior Associate at FPA Patent Attorneys
• Sarah Meibusch, Principal at OneVentures

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