Cicada MedLab: Commercialisation 101

Event date: 13 – 14 December

Discover how to take your healthcare solution from an idea to a business

Cicada Innovations is facilitating its first national workshop series, CicadaMedLab: Commercialisation 101, training that is subsidised by MTPConnect‘s Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative.

After the success of our NSW workshop in August, they are bringing the workshops to the rest of the country over the next few months. Participants will walk away with the knowledge and skills to get started on the journey of commercialising digital health, diagnostics, devices or therapeutics solutions.

What will be covered in workshops?

  • Understanding clinical context
  • Developing a business model
  • Working out what a viable product could be
  • Understanding the path to market
  • How to identify and talk to customers
  • Understand your market opportunity
  • Begin to validate your idea
  • Articulating your idea to your audiences

When is a Cicada MedLab: Commercialisation 101 workshop happening in my state?

  • Hobart, Tasmania | 29 – 30 November | Apply Now
  • Adelaide, South Australia | 1 – 2 December | Apply Now
  • Canberra, Australian Capital Territory | 7 – 8 December | Apply Now
  • Melbourne, Victoria | 13 – 14 December | Apply Now


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