Chief Operations Officer – Exopharm

Posted 2 July 2021

Exopharm is an ASX-listed biotechnology company (ASX: EX1) with a market capitalisation of around $100m and a team of over 40 staff. The company is growing strongly and recently completed a well-supported $12m raising.

As Chief Operations Officer (COO) you will work with the CEO and the senior management team in a broad and important capacity and that also interacts directly with the Board of Directors.

Ideally you will have experience in the biomanufacturing and biotechnology sector and driven product and technology innovation through translation and into clinical trials.

You will help build the profile of Exopharm amongst the biopharmaceutical industry (externally-facing) whilst building and managing the complex and challenging product and technology areas to support our ongoing growth trajectory whilst managing risks and regulatory obligations (internally-facing).

The successful candidate will be well-remunerated and eligible to participate in our Performance Share Plan.

Deliverables include:

  • Process readiness
  • Product definition and scoping
  • Agreed Target Product Profiles
  • Product development plans, milestones and execution
  • Product manufacture
  • Preclinical and clinical development
  • Documentation and technology transfer


  • provide direction and guidance to the team to ensure milestones and agreed KPIs are met
  • manage heads of core departments
  • develop the people within the team
  • communicate externally– limited participation in ‘deals’ discussions and investor meetings
  • work with Commercial (deal doing) and Corporate (finance etc) to further the strategy and milestones of the company
  • keep the CEO, Board and other Group Managers informed.

The person we need is:

A credible process expert who fills internal and external leadership roles:

  • highly experienced with considerable ‘domain knowledge’ in many aspects of biologics manufacture and biopharmaceutical products. Understands own limitations and can leverage industry contacts to fill technical gaps.
  • directing staff to focus on the ‘main game’ activities/outcomes (and avoiding distractions and nice-to-do things)
  • high reliability
  • good communicator, clear communication up, down and sideways o international experience would be welcome.

A can-do person:

  • able to see the big picture and innovate, but also able to get down to the detail and try things to see what works. Not overly theoretical.
  • thoughtful but practical and hands-on when needed. High levels of drive and determination, balanced by experience and insight.
  • able to multi-task – can lead the team to deliver parallel work stream (A + B + C … not A then B then C)

A “small company person” with a desire to build:

  • high levels of personal contribution – not just an administrator or planner:a person who makes things happen, knows what is happening and why.
  • ability to harness skills and strengths across the team and create a set of common goals
  • flexible and adaptable
  • willing to take risks and make decisions, able to cut corners with consideration and care
  • a team player disinterested in politics

The person will have industry experience and likely a PhD or Masters of engineering or a related field, with other education a plus (e.g. MBA). This is much more a ‘manufacturing’ and development role than a scientific role – (note: there are high levels of ambiguity and uncertainty and much ‘breaking new ground’)

We need a very capable, experienced person who can be agile and flexible. We are open to a younger person who can grow quickly.

We are open to a younger/mid-career person who can grow quickly. The working arrangement can be flexible and less than 5 days per week may be workable. Please send applications or direct enquiries to


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