Chief Financial Officer – Exopharm

Updated 12 July 2021

Exopharm is an ASX-listed biotechnology company (ASX: EX1) with a market capitalisation of around $100m and a team of over 40 staff. The company is growing strongly and recently completed a well-supported $12m raising.

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) you will work with the CEO and the senior management team in a broad and important capacity and that also interacts directly with the Board of Directors.

Ideally you will have international experience in one or more Investment Banks and the listed biotechnology sector as a registered CFA.

You will help build the profile of Exopharm amongst the Finance and Investment community (externally-facing) whilst building and operating the financial structuring, investor relations and financial reporting to support our ongoing growth trajectory (internally-facing).

The successful candidate will be well-remunerated and eligible to participate in our Performance Share Plan.

Deliverables include:

Financial areas

  1. Interacting with Investment Banks, Brokers and Investors
  2. Building Investor Relations and the profile of the company
  3. Bridging across to other capital markets and industry investors for non-dilutive funding
  4. Guiding strategy and plans with the finance perspective
  5. Preparation and updating performance milestones, financial plans, budgets, cashflows, performance monitoring & management etc.
  6. Supporting Commercial negotiations and deal-doing

The person we need meets these requirements:

A strong leader, who:

  • provides clear, decisive direction and guidance to the team to ensure milestones and agreed KPIs are met, while minimising distractions
  • sees the big picture but is comfortable with detail and can connect the dots for others
  • has an outcomes-orientation and drives that across their team
  • has an ability to harness skills and strengths in the team, create a set of common goals and achieve them
  • develops junior staff capably and sets a strong example of work-performance in terms of quantity and quality of output,
  • provides high levels of personal contribution – not just an administrator or planner – someone who makes things happen themselves, knows what is happening and why. A player-coach
  • is able to multi-task – can lead the team to deliver parallel work stream (A + B + C … not A then B then C)
  • keeps the CEO, Board and key Managers informed and engaged.

A process expert, who:

  • has considerable ‘domain knowledge’ in listed company sector and investment banking
  • generates important insights and creates better ways of doing things
  • provides clear and concise communications and looking at activities and processes to improve accuracy, speed and efficiency
  • is very credible internally and externally
  • is willing to take risks, experiment and reach outcomes — able to cut corners with consideration and care
  • communicates clearly and effectively up, down and sideways
  • is preferably familiar with the biotechnology sector and industry (and terminology and business models).

A self-aware and genuine person, who:

  • Communicates well in all forms
  • Is engaged and cares about the success of the company and the small and big steps along the way
  • takes full responsibility for their work
  • is thoughtful but practical, with high levels of drive and determination (but not a ‘maniac’)
  • understands their personal limitations, able to check and assess their own work and can leverage industry contacts to fill gaps
  • is flexible and adaptable.

The right person may bring a variety of experiences, such as:

  • Impressive employment track-record at one or more Investment Banks experience
  • Commerce or Finance tertiary studies and graduation qualification(s)
  • CFA or MBA
  • Experience in Industry with a strong understanding of how companies ‘tick’

We are open to a younger/mid-career person who can grow quickly. The working arrangement can be flexible and less than 5 days per week may be workable. Please send applications or direct enquiries to



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