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Posted: December 2021

Be a gateway for global markets, helping to build awareness of the Victorian Healthtech Industry domestically and overseas.

Sector business development & support

Virtual Trade Missions – what are they?

The definition of a virtual trade mission is varied and (from our experience) used broadly to reflect an active connectivity between our industry and another. The form a mission takes is largely dependent on the opportunity and resources available on both sides of any virtual trade mission.

You’ll see the Global Victoria Trade Alliance often mentioned throughout the initiatives within this part of our strategy. BioMelbourne Network is one of the trade alliance partners. Find out more about the alliance here.

Singapore Virtual Trade Mission

In collaboration with Global Victoria Trade Alliance, BioMelbourne Network is leading a Virtual Trade Mission targeting the services sector across the MedTech translation and commercialisation space. The initiation of this trade mission is planned for early 2022. This will not be a traditional one-week trade mission with a short list of companies. The intent is to build a lasting relationship between our ecosystem and the strong research and MedTech start-up ecosystem in Singapore. Singapore acts as a gateway to the region and companies located in Singapore originate from all over the world.

Our aspiration is to build a lasting, international bridge between the two sectors that will deliver real business connections and opportunities resulting in the delivery of new MedTech to the market, bringing real patient impact along with it.

Hong Kong Design Inspire Pavilion

In the past month, BioMelbourne Network has been proud to collaborate with Creative Victoria and the Victorian Government Trade and Investment Office in Hong Kong to curate and promote this year’s Design Inspire Pavilion.

Available in English and Mandarin Chinese, this year’s digital pavilion will launch in late November 2021 and will remain live until the end of March 2022. It showcases leading organisations involved in MedTech product design and development, and others who are launching their MedTech start-ups in Victoria. This event is actively highlighting our state’s MedTech strengths in innovation and research translation, which are unmatched in the Asia-Pacific region.

This is the first time so many key players in Victoria have come together in one place. Last year’s showcase saw over 10,000 visitors. Working with the Victorian Government we are assisting with promotion throughout China and the broader region.


There is a new opportunity currently progressing that will allow us to additionally leverage the work done with the Hong Kong Design Inspire Pavilion into China.

BioMelbourne Network is in discussions with the Victorian Government around an opportunity to assist our ecosystem to directly connect remotely. As this opportunity is secured, we’ll provide further updates on the program, how it will work and how you can engage.

Victorian Government and Israel Liaison Office Parkville: Israel Business and Research Partnerships – Australia and Israel have over five decades of strong bilateral ties and synergistic research strengths for strategic R&D partnerships across multiple sectors, especially in medical technologies, clinical trials, biotechnology, biomedical engineering and digital health. Together, they have co-authored 1,827 publications from 2010 to 2019 across 27 research fields.

Israel is a leader in innovation (ranked #13 in the world), commercialisation and entrepreneurship, and a priority market for the Victorian and Federal Governments to increase R&D partnerships, exports, trade and investment.

BioMelbourne Network has delivered the first in a series of informational and networking events that will help raise awareness of opportunities between these two ecosystems in advance of a planned in-person trade mission to Israel in February 2022.

The first event, Increasing Business & Research Partnerships with Israel: Opportunities, Funding and In-market Support was held 6 October 2021. The second event is now planned as in-person networking early in 2022.

Over the coming period, as we have additional information on the pending trade mission to Israel, we’ll provide updates and opportunities to engage.

Korea Business Partnering

Australia and Korea have recently made a joint commitment to collaborate on the production and global supply of COVID-19 vaccines and responding to new infectious disease threats.

To support this effort, the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of Korea and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) will participate in the KOR-AUS Vaccine Business Partnering session – a business matching activity to be held from the 9 to 10 December, with the support of mRNA Victoria, and Austrade Seoul. Over two days, leaders from Australia and Korea’s biomedical communities will be able to use a dedicated platform to connect and identify commercial opportunities to collaborate on R&D, clinical trials and production and supply chains of next generation vaccines and RNA therapeutics.

BioMelbourne Network are currently working to support engagement with organisations from industry.

Promotional & advertising opportunities

Global Victoria Trade Alliance (GVTA) Podcast and Webinar Series: Global Victoria’s network of 23 Trade and Investment offices connects Victorian exporters with international buyers and business leaders and provide high-level market intelligence, insights and guidance to be competitive in global markets.  Through this strategic project BioMelbourne Network is coordinating with Global Victoria and Victoria Government Trade Investment (VGTI) on the development, production and delivery of a series of webinars and podcasts that will help support Global Victoria’s mission.

Through the delivery of webinars and podcasts, this project will help showcase the expertise and opportunities that exist in within the Victorian Healthtech Industry. Victoria has a unique and recognised health industry that is globally competitive. Over the past period (since the start of the pandemic) organisations within our ecosystem have not been able to showcase their skills and capabilities within other ecosystems around the world the way they could previously.

Raising awareness and maintaining a market presence through the delivery of quality, timely and relevant content provides opportunity not only for the companies featured but for the Victorian Healthtech industry as a whole.

Podcast themes include

  1. Cell Therapies/Regenerative Medicine
  2. Oncology
  3. Infectious Diseases
  4. Neurosciences
  5. Cardio
  6. Drug Discovery
  7. Genomics


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