2023 ARCS Annual Conference (6 – 8 June 2023, ICC Sydney)

Posted: 18 August 2022

Event Date: 6-8 June 2023

Call for abstracts

ARCS Australia and the Annual Conference Program Committee (ACPC) want to hear from you! We are accepting abstract submissions for information, workshop, forum sessions and individual presentations for the 2023 ARCS Annual Conference (6–8 June 2023, ICC Sydney).

Abstracts may be submitted for the following: 

  • Information session: 60 minute didactic session on a relevant topic and attendee engagement
  • Forum session: 60 minute concept designed for panel interaction and attendee engagement
  • Workshop session: 60 minute concept geared towards interactive/simulation or a role-playing format
  • Presentation: 20-30 minute presentation (including Q&A) addressing a specific topic

Themes and priority areas

Learn more about our educational themes and priority areas for the 2023 ARCS Annual Conference.

The ACPC have highlighted priority topics within each educational theme to provide direction on content they would like to receive via the Call for Abstracts. You may submit abstracts addressing priority topics and/or topics relevant to the overall theme descriptions. Both priority topics and theme specific topics will be reviewed and considered by the ACPC. More information on the following themes is located in the Conference Submission Guidelines.

  1. Clinical research operations
  2. Data, technology and informatics in clinical research
  3. Leadership, wellness & resilience
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Medical information/Medical affairs
  6. Medical device regulation
  7. Medical devices reimbursement
  8. Medicine reimbursement
  9. Non-prescription medicine regulation
  10. Pharmacovigilance
  11. Prescription medicines regulation
  12. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) support

Further information is available here.


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