2020 GSK Award for Research Excellence: Nominations Now Open

2 April 2020

(Nominations close midnight 4 August 2020)

GSK are delighted to invite nominations for the 40th anniversary year of the GSK Award for Research Excellence.

Presented annually since 1980, the Award acknowledges outstanding Australian researchers and provides an $80,000 (tax free) independent research grant to the recipient’s institution to further their work.

The Award targets high calibre, mid-career clinicians and researchers undertaking health or medical research predominately in Australia.

A science-led global healthcare company, GSK invests in scientific and technical excellence to develop and launch a pipeline of new products that meet the needs of Australian patients, payers and consumers.

The GSK Award for Research Excellence has played a part in assisting some of Australia’s most important leaders and innovators in the medical research sphere. Its focus is on helping support career development with an emphasis on human health and Australian research.

The judging criteria are weighted as follows:
• 40% – potential for the researcher’s contribution to science to directly or indirectly lead to improvement in human health
• 30% – potential for the nominee to continue to make research contributions in the field of human health; and
• 30% – nominee’s accomplishments based on academic and employment record, research grants and awards received, cited publications and other examples of research productivity.
Further information about the award and the online nomination form are available at link to *GSK Award for Research Excellence website.

For further information please view the Terms of Reference. For direct queries regarding the award, contact are.arenominations@gsk.com

Once you have read through the Terms of Reference, use the online form to submit your nomination.

Nominations close at midnight on 04 August 2020.

Find out more here.


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