Victorian Government Actions for our Sector Since March 2016

It’s great to see a round-up of some of the outcomes of our advocacy work and collaboration with the Vic Government:

On 17 March this year, the Victorian government released its Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Sector Strategy. Extensive consultation underpinned development of the strategy, with almost 150 businesses, industry, union and research organisations contributing their views and ideas.

In the six months since the strategy was released, the Victorian government has been busy.

The government has committed $10 million in funding towards the $80m BioCurate initiative to accelerate drug development, and has also supported the STEMM Central Bootcamp, to improve skills in research translation and commercialisation.

The government has provided support to Medical Developments International and IDT Australia to help build and develop new manufacturing facilities. It has also worked with Victorian pharmaceutical manufacturers to initiate the development of an industry-led training package.

International engagement has been a major focus. More than 70 sector stakeholders were supported on a mission to the BIO International Convention in San Francisco, and the BioMelbourne Network has been engaged to deliver a mission to Boston and Minneapolis for the Advamed conference in October. This international engagement has been underpinned by the development of new sector capability statements.

Building on the relationships made overseas, the government has also supported visits to Victoria from major overseas investors, and will also be supporting international delegates attending the International BioFest conference in October, through the Victoria Invitation Program. The government has secured the AusMedtech conference for Melbourne in 2017.

A number of Victorian government grant programs are available to medtech and pharma applicants. These potentially provide support for new manufacturing capability as well as for broader sector initiatives. A summary of these programs is outlined below.

Activity over the past six months has been extensive – attached is a summary of 46 actions undertaken by government.

Nevertheless, although there has been a lot happening, it is just the beginning, and there is much more in the pipeline. The Sector Strategy is the key document that will guide government action in the months and years ahead.

The Victorian government’s role in developing and growing the medtech and pharmaceuticals sector fundamentally relies on a partnership with sector stakeholders. Thank you for your contributions over the past six months. The Victorian government looks forward to continuing its work with you to develop and grow this important sector of Victoria’s economy.



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