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AquaTrophic Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Scott Grierson

Position: Managing Director

Industry: Life Sciences Related Sectors

Company Profile:

AquaTrophic is a life sciences company founded in April 2014 with a vision of becoming Australia’s first fully-scaled aquatic biotechnology enterprise. Never before has there been so much demand placed on quality food, human health and nutritional inputs for industry, all of which places ever-greater pressure on the natural ecosystems that provide the raw materials from which these are sourced. Our long-term strategy is to leverage the inherent growth capabilities of a diversified and integrated range of aquatic species to create valuable end products.

Future growth in AquaTrophic will be driven by product diversification and supply into expanding key global markets for additives such as omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, carotenoids, refined seaweed-derived agars and biochemicals. Established markets for all of these products are growing with target sectors including health and human nutrition, aquaculture and industrial chemicals/bioplastics.

Through a series of research partnerships and consultancies, the business has focused to date on building a commercialisation platform to pursue manufacture of its first products for release to the market. In November 2015, AquaTrophic was identified for its potential and groundbreaking work in the field of aquatic biotechnology and was given the ‘Small Business Victoria Sustainability Award’ as part of the Melbourne 3000+ program.


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