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Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute


Member Contact: Professor Mark Sleeman

Position: Executive Director of Commercialisation & Industry Engagement

Industry: Academic Research Organisations

Company Profile:

The Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) brings together more than 120 research teams from multiple disciplines into six global health priority areas. Our six Discovery Programs are Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Development and Stem Cells, Infection and Immunity, Metabolic Disease and Obesity, and Neuroscience.

Training the next generation of scientists is central to what we do and we have close to 270 PhD students carrying out research projects at any one time. Our graduate programs provide outstanding career development opportunities including training in industry engagement, commercialisation and entrepreneurship.

Tackling the big questions in biomedical research demands new perspectives to find new solutions. Having different disciplines within each Discovery Program allows for the cross-pollination of ideas, as it is at the intersection of these global health issues that truly innovative discoveries will be made.

Combining our commitment to outstanding research with our capacity to engage both clinicians and industry means we are well placed to fulfil our aim of having an impact on global health.


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