Job: Relationship Manager, CSIRO Futures

CSIRO Futures is recruiting a Relationship Manager in Melbourne.

The successful applicant will work at the interface between science and industry, providing evidence backed strategic advice on how global trends and emerging technologies will impact Australian businesses, and how industry can be best positioned to succeed in that environment. The Futures team has expertise across a number of sectors, including energy, mining, agriculture and food, health, cyber security and manufacturing.

In this role, you will lead the development of a sustainable project pipeline that satisfies or exceeds revenue growth objectives, enable strategic marketing activities, and manage and develop project proposals, tenders, and negotiate project budgets and contract terms and conditions.

As well you will:

  • Develop a strategic understanding of CSIRO and its key science domains to determine where Futures can best leverage organisational knowledge.
  • Develop and refine solutions for customers that align with the Futures value proposition.
  • Work with CSIRO Business Development and Research Directors to complete market research to identify target customers and develop appropriate engagement.
  • Position Futures and the broader CSIRO favourably with senior decision makers across industry and government.
  • Strengthen existing partnerships and secure ongoing business.
  • Engage in activities that lead to new business and leverage the team’s existing relationships with CSIRO Directors, research scientists and engineers and commercial staff.

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