28th August – Australian Business Week In India

APPLICATIONS CLOSE – Friday 4th August

India’s A$100 billion healthcare market is looking to overcome shortfalls in infrastructure and enable rapid expansion in healthcare service delivery. This expansion is required to address population growth and an increase in the inclusion rate. The Life Sciences and Digital Health program will allow Australian companies to showcase their technologies to leading Indian firms and government regulators that are driving the healthcare agenda.

India’s healthcare providers and technology companies have a strong interest in innovative digital health and intelligent health solutions, telemedicine and biopharma research. In addition to growing their businesses in India, Indian private healthcare providers, technology and pharma firms are increasingly focused on growing their global presence, and are looking to access new technologies, including from international partners, to drive revenue growth and business efficiencies.

Indian firms are keen to explore opportunities to invest in or license and commercialise Australian digital health and medical innovation for integration into their service offerings. There are opportunities for Australian health and medical technology companies to take advantage of this demand through strategic partnerships, joint research and development, and accelerated product development and commercialisation.

This mission program includes opportunities to engage with Indian government officials, key industry players and customers through a range of seminars, roundtable discussions, networking events and site visits over four days in the week commencing 28 August.

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